St Gregorys Bedale


Making your vows in Church

This is a very personal and meaningful time and holding your ceremony in such an historic and beautiful setting as St Gregory's in Bedale or St Mary's in Thornton Watlasss can make it even more memorable.

We make sure this is a really special day for you and your guests and this is made even more memorable if we've had a chance to get to know you as you have worshipped with us before the big day.

The question I get asked most often is "Can we get married in your church?"  If you live or have lived in the parish the answer is an immediate yes, otherwise you need to have some connection with the church. So if you give the Rector a call he'll be very happy to work through with you how we can determine the connection that allows you to marry with us.

There are a number of reception venues nearby, the closest being Bedale Hall across the road, so there is plenty of choice as you plan and personalise the service and prepare for your big day together with our Rector.

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