St Gregorys Bedale


Very good plan. Better lighting welcoming and much needed outside the church & providing a path to the church.

An extension to our current floodlighting, to make it visible from the bypass, seems a great idea. Updating our current system to LED illumination would be advantageous, but I suggest that the concepts employed by our former specialist floodlighting consultant need no review (concepts are after all a subjective matter). The times of switching on and off, varying throughout the seasons, are under our control, and have been discussed and agreed by the PCC.  Way-finding lights in the church path are unnecessary.  Lighting in the church porch may be subject to vandalism.

Neither for nor against although I quite like the idea of floodlighting the north side of the tower.  I have never had any problem with the lack of lights in the porch or down the path.

It’s a very good way of making the church more welcoming even when it is dark on a very cold winters evening. Very useful for midnight mass.

The new floodlighting proposals are good for reducing energy but not sure about the lantern effect.  I hope the lantern would not be too bright and push up energy usage.

In favour of this phase so long as new lighting is efficient and does not increase energy running costs.  Keep running costs as low as possible.

Specifically along path leading to entrance to church in addition could the path be leveled.  To improve help for people with poor vision.

Excellent.  Highlight the church to the town and bypass. Lightens the porch, welcoming.

Uplighting in entrance porch.  Make it light and welcoming.

Excellent idea, it will look attractive and deter thieves.  Lighting will advertise positive change.

It needs to be ensured that the lighting is directed such that the texture and shape of the stone is brought out by the shadows created by the shallow angle of the lighting. Love the idea.

Good idea to have the path lit.  Should save considerable amount of money using LED lights.  Many people have reduced vision in poor light.

Badly needed.  To highlight the position of the church in the centre of Bedale and its people.

A very good idea.  It will encourage people to come into town and visit the church especially during the Autumn/winter months in the darker evenings.  Will the path be re-pointed/re-laid to avoid general unevenness and trip hazards?

A worthwhile idea.  Encourage people to come into the church during winter months. Also from a safety aspect.

Sounds good. Hope it is all round so it can be seen from the new road.

Very exciting scheme we look forward to developments.  Lighting will advertise positive change.

Further comments received after the Consultation Period:

There is no mention of floodlighting the North Side of the church.  These items should all be part of the regular church maintenance.  There is nothing wrong with the existing system and the addition of the north side should be done now.  The floodlighting was installed in memory of Tom Pearson.

Uncontroversial, so a good place to start. Good to better highlight the visual presence of the church in the town.  Affordable.