St Gregorys Bedale


Excellent, agree with it all. Incorporates everything we need and aesthetically pleasing.
Toilets & Servery a great asset & enable the church to be more welcoming / host wider events. Love the St George's chapel & Children's flexi-space.

I am not in favour of spending on a servery or toilets - we already have more comprehensive facilities than those proposed just a short step away in the Chantry Hall.  Nor do I favour removing the pews or creating level access, etc in the north aisle.

Amazed so much can be got into this space! No objection, provided (as with plans overall) that the acoustics of the church are not affected.

Toilets - good idea.  Servery – neutral.  St George's Chapel - good idea.  Vestry - Does the vestry have to be so big??
I'm not sure about the servery as when I have seen that sort of thing in other churches I always feel it is out of place but more and more churches seem to have this sort of thing now so I would go along with it.  If the vestry were smaller there could be more room either in the chapel or in the north aisle.

Excellent.  We've all been there in a service and you really need the toilet but there is nowhere to go so these would be very useful.

The re-organisation of the north aisle looks good on the plans but I hope there will be glazed walls facing the nave as a solid wall would spoil the character of the church and its spatial interior.  Large services and weddings and funerals will welcome some toilet provision.

Don’t agree with benches/chairs who is going to move them. What is going to happen to the pew covers. Why is there a need for a kitchen when the Chantry Hall is next door.

We agree with most of this phase except for the proposal to fit glazing in the tower arch.  It would not, in our opinion, fit in visually with the rest of the building as it is a very large area of glass.  The glazing could be quite visible due to reflections on its surface.  It could affect the acoustics of the church.

Improve facilities, level the flooring underfloor heating create new chapel.  Better and safer access for prayers.

Need larger area for St George’s chapel.  Say to window.  Looks rather too small.

Toilets very good idea.  Much needed.

If necessary, I am alright about all of it if the outside area is suitable

Very necessary.  Good planning.

Not keen on servery when we have excellent facilities in Chantry Hall.

Much better use of the chapel and vestry. Nice to have a new chapel – one can see the window.  Excellent, looks really good.  Good facilities – Toilets.  Like the server and shop.

Disabled door opens across fire exit door – building regulations.  Mirror layout so disabled toilet to right.  Widen corridor so door doesn’t open over fire door.

Toilets yes can see. Not sure about server in church.  Don’t like food in church if there is an alternative i.e. Chantry Hall

Toilets especially a good idea especially near childrens area.

Will bring it into the 21st Century

Love the idea of maximizing the space making it more versatile so that it can be enjoyed by more people.  Toilets are fundamental.

Will make the church far more user-friendly and allow people to see the beautiful window in the new chapel.  Many people enjoy having coffee after the service but don’t come into the Chantry Hall.  Toilets always useful.

Great again as long as the children’s corner is still the same cosy children amenable space.  Wonder about the kitchen use during concert intervals.

If the church is to be opened up for community use toilets and provision for refreshment are V important.  Also floor leveling and underfloor heating.  Is there a need to screen this from the church worship?  These areas need to be opened up but does it need to be a market place?  When is the new chapel to be used.

An excellent idea and proposal, particularly the toilets and server which will be an asset especially at weddings and funerals.
Level flooring will assist ease of movement.
Moving children’s area alongside the congregation area in the nave will enable parents to keep an eye on their children, however some of the congregation may find this distracting  but they can move elsewhere to sit.
Concerned about access into St Georges Chapel.
Could choir vestry be shortened by the width of the window adjacent to St Georges’ chapel and could the St George’s Altar be moved onto this wall.
Much needed toilets certainly for those who travel some distance to weddings/funeral services.

Toilets – not before time.  Vestry Servery very useful.  Moving the children’s area good idea but reservations about it being alongside the pews, although it will be handy for parents at 10:30 service those that don’t like it could move to a different location in church.  New chapel is a good idea but rather an odd shape – looks cramped.  Many people of a certain age and others have bladder problems and difficulty getting to the toilet in a hurry.

Asset for funerals and weddings.  Parents will be able to sit alongside their children.  Peace and quiet for reflection.

Further comments received after the Consultation Period:

With all the pews removed in the North Aisle where is the children’s corner?  I do think we need toilets but we have spent £10k on the updating of Chantry Hall therefore there is no need for a small kitchen.  I think  the vestry will be very cramped with the addition of the North Chapel.  George and the dragon should remain.  The North Aisle altar as it is now will hide two thirds of the window.

In favour.  Improves many aspects which are secondary to the main worship activities of the church, but nevertheless important in fellowship terms. Makes useful changes without affecting the “traditional” worship environment thus respecting the desire of some people to retain the status quo. In other words the proposals are non-threatening to those who are unenthusiastic about the whole project.