St Gregorys Bedale


Heritage aspects glazed porch & flooring tower area excellent.  Persuaded that new position for font will be attractive functional & safer.  Did have angst about the font being taken away from being the first thing one saw on entering / the first step on the Christian journey. Calmed now.

I do not like the glazed porch, the proposed touch screens, or the level access between both entrance doors - all extravagances.
Brighter functional interior lighting would be helpful, in particular to those with declining vision. It should of course be high-efficiency and long-life. Colour temperature is of concern to some; I suggest no change in that. The current hanging wood fittings might be adapted to suit LED's.
Additional interior architectural or ambiance lighting would be unhelpful to the main purpose of our church.
The font should not be moved. The reasons given (in the first presentation in church) for moving it are without substance. In November 2016 parishioners publicly expressed strong feelings against moving the font, and these feelings are without doubt shared by others who do not wish to join in public comment.  It would seem wrong to me to ride roughshod over these parishioners wishes.
However, it has been suggested to me that removing the plinth (only) would eliminate the safety hazard the clergy experience during baptisms (i.e .standing on the small step in order to reach into the font).

Entirely agree with removal of font - it is an obstacle in a number of ways, and by no means the easiest I have baptised at!

Displays – neutral.  Font - for and against.  Displays - if I went into a church with this sort of thing I would simply ignore them. Font - My first reaction on seeing this was that the font was an obstruction so it was being put out of the way. On reflection, I can understand the reasons for moving the font and changing the steps etc but I don't think that hiding it away round the corner is right. The font should be able to be seen very quickly from when one comes into church. My suggested place would have been where St George's altar is but that is being moved and the vestry would take up the space so I would now suggest the space where the book of remembrance is.

I don't really mind if it's moved.

Font: make moveable or replace with smaller font.  Font needs to be at the front of services during baptism not at the back.

The entrance porch is a good idea and retaining the old door should be possible.  An interpretative centre would be welcome.  The font may be more of a feature in the new space.

The entrance lobby should be warmer and give a clear view into the church.  Many visitors are not aware of the heritage of the church and often ask for some help.   More accessible font.

Feel the font is a wonderful focal point as it is and should not be moved. Improvements could be made to improve the lighting and ease of use.

Level path to church entrance allows safer access for wheelchair users and people with poor vision. Remove the door and replace with something more modern to enhance the heritage of the church.  Opens the church to wider community and visitors.

Do not like glass doors between tower and nave.  Personally dislike “shops” in church.  Like a department store and alienates “church” from shop/display.

Not too sure if all this is needed. Usually difficult to read notices with bifocals and small writing. Usually just glance over in other churches. Suggest plinth taken away from font but font left in place and rail and step put in. When is the new font lid coming present one is 30 years old on August 21st Alan made it.
Hathersage church has just been re-ordered and font left near the door and only side pews removed.   Do not agree with font in new place we can all turn round to watch the few baptisms in the service time.

The proposals are excellent in general. It would be ideal if some money could be found to re-order the boiler house at the rear of the chancel as this always looks like a cheap add on to this historic building. 

Excellent again, love the heritage display etc. Font moving is very good.  Love the glass doors to entrance.  Glass into church nave I like it but is it necessary and how will it affect the sound/acoustics.  Public will be much better served.  Dedicated shop area opens up the tower area beautifully.

Will pay homage to church’s history.

The glass doors will add light and a feeling of welcome on entry to the church   Moving the font will make baptisms part of the whole church.  A large wooden door is rather off-putting.  The present site of the font does not make baptisms an integral part of the church.

Moving the font is a good idea/new location in East Aisle is an ideal place and does not distract from the “Christian Journey Theology” as it is the next step from the welcoming area.  Good idea to display historical artefacts etc.  Glass doors will be a real bonus and allow people to view the church entrance as they approach.  Re-ordering raises the question of where will service books etc be stored.
Creates a better welcoming space in the tower and enables people to move around display. Allows better aspect for families during baptism services safer for officiant and person baptised.  Will enable people to understand the history of the church.  Gives views of interior and will be a heat retention benefit in winter months.  Practical issue for sides persons.

Moving the font is a good idea.  Heritage displays will make it easier for people to understand history of church.  Glass door excellent idea.  Not obvious where service and hymn books will be stored and given put by welcomers.
It creates more space in the tower for welcoming and allows people access to displays. New location in east aisle allows for better access for minister and baptism families. Safer than present position and is next step from welcoming area.  Clear vision through.  Keeps heat in.

Does it need changing.  It’s our heritage and traditions.

The introduction of heritage space will enable the community and tourists to connect with the rich history of the church. Using links with the website will make it interactive and future proof. It will improve the number of visitors to the church, increase donations and improve the local economy.

Seems good. I love the entrance.  Will be most attractive and welcoming.

If funds allow this area should be developed. A more welcoming entrance and a more easily accessible font are needed.  The history of the church and town should be displayed and the congregation more easily join in with baptisms.

Further comments received after the Consultation Period:

The font should not be moved. The font should be taken off its plinth and it should be removed giving more safer access. We have a portable font which should be used on occasions. If we have a portable altar then we can have a portable font

Good idea. Except that I would prefer the font to be visible without the need to turn round. Could it not be moved nearer the front of the lady chapel.  More convenient during baptisms.  We would be mindful of our baptism and our promise to care for the baptised at all times during services.