St Gregorys Bedale

The Future

The church is becoming more active in the wider community, entering into partnership and agreements with local organisations and promoters to host an ever-increasing range of events. In order to facilitate this the church needs:

  • A greater degree of flexibility
  • Improved means of escape
  • Opportunity to offer open spaces
  • Provision of toilet facilities
  • Provision of catering facilities, at the very least hot drinks making
  • Provision for staging
  • Improved storage
  • Enhanced sound re-enforcement and lighting
  • Improved approach, entrance and welcome
  • Extended and improved interpretation of history
  • Opportunity to create performance spaces

As a significant aspect of the mission and ministry of the church it is seeking to offer a wider range of worship styles and experiences, to engage with families and age-related groups in new and meaningful ways. We also undertake around 40 church funerals, 8 weddings and 25 Baptisms each year. To enable us to more adequately meet these demands the building needs to provide:

  • Greater flexibility in use of the primary worship spaces
  • Specific space at the heart of the church for children and young families
  • Flexibility for positioning communion table
  • Relocation of Font
  • Lighting to offer range of “moods”
  • Provision of toilet and hot drink facilities
  • Opportunity to use modern electronic devices for projection, sound enhancement etc
  • Voice enhancement /sound re-inforcement
  • Means of visual contact between all areas of church and high communion table
  • Facilities for church shop
  • Improved entrance and welcome
  • Increased storage facility
  • Opportunity to separate smaller chapels for more intimate worship
  • Provision of significant prayer space


It is anticipated that such extensive re-ordering would take place over a series of smaller phases although with the right design it may be possible to achieve all in one. The changes will necessitate a complete review of the heating and electrical installations as well as the lighting and sound systems. It is not essential for the design that the font remains unmoved so an innovative and exciting proposal is looked for.

It is essential that the completed project continues to respect the long history of worship in the church and to
recognise the variety of styles of worship that this entails.