St Gregorys Bedale

Your General Comments

Love the new plans for our church and feel that it can and will provide a warm and welcoming open arms hub for the community of Bedale in the years to come. That is the "people task" and with the Grace of God sure we can do it

Splendid work by our architects and others! And oh, what joys to come from cosy heating and comfy seating! How blessed we are with money in hand, and yet more grants expected (total required £1,500,000).
But will all this be a sound investment to secure the future of the church in Bedale? Or a speculation? A gamble? Can such spending on ourselves be right? Responsible? At a time of austerity for some? A time of food banks? A time when St Gregory's monthly income fails to meet monthly expenses? Can we not imagine some more worthy use of the legacies entrusted to us? Or are we beguiled by aesthetically pleasing architecture, creature comforts, and ready money?
In conclusion I am not in favour of major spending on re-ordering; I have no confidence that it will bring the hoped-for benefits of larger congregations, or significant income from community events.
PS: I suggest two features not included in the architects' plans:
A safer exit via the priest's door (change door from opening inwards to outwards, and fit a panic-bar latch).
An east-west drainage channel just outside the porch (to prevent surface-water flowing down the porch floor and on into the church, in the event of the higher-intensity downpours that we expect due to global warming).

This sort of reordering has been successful in other places, done well let's hope it can be at St Gregory's.

Trying to make the Church building more welcoming to encourage more people to come is a good idea but it isn't really the building that matters but what goes on in it. Along with the physical reordering we must have a reordering of all that we do.

I think all of these ideas will improve the church massively and would be very useful for future generations.

I understand the need to provide a more functioning building to cover costs. No one (especially me) likes change. It obviously will “ruin” old character of church – but if it can’t fund itself it will end in ruin anyway. In the end we need a place to worship – it could be anywhere.

In conclusion Sandra and I fully support 100% the changes.

I thoroughly approve of the plans, maybe with a few adjustments which I'm sure everyone will have and I would be happy to back it all the way.   However, I do wonder if it will make any difference to the life of our church, and our standing in the community.   I can imagine a lot of people in the town will think it wonderful, but would they use the facilities and more to my hope, would they be encouraged to come and worship with us.   Not until the next few years will we know.  On talking to one of the Church Wardens at Pontefract, she said that the facilities were well used by the townspeople (the church is bang in the centre of the town) but one or two people had left the church, and maybe the same amount gained.

Greatly appreciate the time and effort and thought that has gone into these proposals. It is in sympathy with all the changes that have occurred over previous years and prepares the building for the future use of those who will continue to worship and serve in the community.