St Gregorys Bedale

2016 Fund-Raising Events

In March 2016, not long before major repairs were to get underway, thieves stripped about 40 square metres of lead from the roof of St. Gregory's Church.  Details in the Darlington & Stockton Times here.

The Co-op in Bedale very kindly let us set up an appeal display board near their tills...

...and donations from their customers added £665 to our Roof Fund.

Here's James, the previous Bishop of Ripon and our Rector Ian Robinson thanking the staff of the Co-op!



In May, Sally Belzoni-Champollion and her friends spent a Bank Holiday weekend 'Riding for the Roof' in a 57-hour static bike ride...

...which raised not far short of another £1,000 for the fund!

Watch a Youtube video of the event here.