St Gregorys Bedale

The Hand of Truth

"The Hand of Truth" a Georgian Mystery by David Paton (aka David Paton-Williams) published by The Book Guild, £9.99 from 28th January.

It’s hard being a quack in Georgian England - harder still when your patients are being murdered and their deaths blamed on you. 

The year is 1780, war rages in America and, in Amsterdam, a British agent is stabbed to death while investigating a conspiracy.  It seems worlds away from the back streets of Leeds, where Charlie Rossi, a young electrical healer and showman, is fighting to survive.  He is being out-performed by a travelling French magician and vilified for his electrical therapies by a local physician.  Then three of his patients, leading citizens of the town, die suddenly after receiving his treatments.  When the physician publicly lays the blame on Charlie, his future hangs by a thread. If electricity didn’t cause the deaths, what did?  Can a mysterious stage illusion help Charlie uncover the truth? Set among the Yorkshire woollen mills of the early industrial revolution, The Hand of Truth weaves together medicine and magic in an atmospheric and gripping Georgian mystery.