St Gregorys Bedale


During our services we pray for our community. If you have any particular matter you'd like us to pray for please drop an email, use the prayer request box in church, call or ask the Rector or one of the church wardens.

We have a regular prayer cycle to pray for all the different aspects of our church and community lives.  Please download a copy of our Bedale Benefice Daily Prayer Cycle.

If praying does not come effortlessly for you, try these tips for making your prayer life more focused and effective. 

One or more of them may help in the situation you are in:

1. Choose a specific place to pray away from distractions so you can concentrate. 

2. Pray at the same time every day, if at all possible. Make it part of your regular routine and it will become habit. 

3. Pray out loud. When we pray out loud we have to form intelligent sentences. We have to concentrate more on what we're praying about.

4. Keep a note pad handy so you can jot down different things that come to mind while you're before the Lord. 

5. Make a list to keep track of your prayer needs. 

6. Redeem time for praying out of unused corners of your schedule. 

7. Change the pace during your prayer time. Include praise, thanksgiving and singing as well as petition. 

8. Keep a prayer journal. 

9. Pray with someone else. 

10. Pray one-sentence prayers. 

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