Welcome to our Benefice of Bedale

Welcome to the web pages for the Benefice of Bedale, St Mary’s Church, Thornton Watlass, St John’s Church, Leeming, Burrell Church and St Gregory’s Church, Bedale.

There are many way in the Benefice of Bedale to meet together to celebrate the enormous love of God.

The Benefice sits as the gateway to Wensleydale and the boundaries include the River Swale on the east side of Leeming and the River Ure on the western flank of Thornton Watlass.

We cover the town of Bedale and the communities of Aiskew, Leeming Bar, Londonderry, Leeming, Exelby, Firby, Burrell, Cowling, Thornton Watless, Chalcot, Thirn, Rookwith and vast swaths of fertile farm land.

Our four churches are islands of calm which remain open to visitors daily throughout the year. There are services in at least two of our churches each Sunday and morning and evening prayers offered each and every day- Monday to Saturday.

Services are also available online and through conference calls. Search for the Benefice of Bedale Facebook page to access our main Sunday services, these can also be watched after the service is over.

Baptisms and Wedding enquiries are always welcome contact can be made through emailing admin@bedale.church or by calling and leaving a message 01677 425985.

Recorded 18th May 2020