Up Hill ‘n Down Dale Quiz

The following are clues to Yorkshire place names (Cities, towns, villages, places, or rivers). Please note answers /clues may be phonetic form and not direct spellings.

When you have worked them out, the initial letters when read in order, will spell out a seasonal phrase.

Pop your answer on a post card with your name and contact details and drop off at either the Parish Office, the post box in St Gregory’s or email it to michelle@bedale.church.

All correct entries will be put into a draw and 3 lucky winners will be drawn out at random and win either a pair of headphones or earphones.

Closing date is 7th September


  1. Pour oil on the argument or shake on a deal (6)
  2. River from days long gone. Could derive from the Celtic river name ISURA (3)
  3. Church service at Midnight on Christmas Eve attended by bad actors (6)
  4. Show respect at a funeral alongside others (6)
  5. Rain protector without ‘burnt’ iron oxide pigment but add 1000 kilograms (8)
  6. _ _ _ VAN WINLKE who is not off (5)
  7. Parched or want after knowledge. But in the end T is replaced by K (6)
  8. Not feeling well or ailing metric measure (5)
  9. Children’s game ‘piggy’ has a ‘cured’ position (9)
  10. Pressure is getting better for the open rolling upland area (10)

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