Certain books have been chosen (although you may choose one for yourself) and offered in the hope that your conversations with each other and God may be inspired. The books are of varying length, subjects and styles. All are available to borrow from the church or purchase on Amazon etc. Try and read within a week and pass on or return to church.

Everyday God— George Guiver

Everyday God  is a short book by Father George Guiver of the Community of the Resurrection,   Mirfield, West Yorkshire. ‘The Creed starts,  I believe in….’. It does not start ‘I believe that…’ In other words it does not ask us for an opinion about ideas. It is an invitation to trust a person’. To trust a person, we need to know them. To know God we need to talk with him in prayer as we would to anyone we are trying to get to know. Guiver puts things in such a practical manner, so much sensible & easily understood advice.

HENRY’S SONG  – Kathryn Cave

A story for everyone who’s been told they’re just not good enough to sing, or dance, or play, or join in, or do anything they love.  It’s such a glorious morning, Henry bursts into song – loud and joyful and full of surprises. His singing is not appreciated by his neighbour. The maker of all things wakes up too and when it’s quiet again, the creatures decide to sing a proper song to put the maker in a good mood again. But Henry can’t join in: he’d spoil it…or would he…?

The Chronicles of Narnia


A mission of mercy sends two more children to the magical world created by C.S. Lewis. Eustace and Jill are two misfit schoolchildren who discover that a garden shed on the school’s grounds is actually a gateway to the magical land of Narnia. Eustace had visited Narnia years before, and is troubled to discover King Caspian has aged considerably. Caspian is     troubled by the disappearance of his son, Prince Rilian, who had been kidnapped years earlier. With the help of the King’s helper Puddlegum  and the lion, Eustace and Jill set out to find the lost prince and reunite him with his father.


Essentials of the Christian Life

Rowan Williams

This brief book lifts up for discussion essential elements of the Christian life. To be a Christian is   not simply to believe. It has to do with life’s story. 

I believe that this book will be helpful to all who seek to dive deeper into the life of faith.  In the wake of political turmoil, who do you follow? When faced with difference and divergence, whose example do you copy? What does it mean to follow a clear path in the midst of cultural confusion? This little book’s aim is simple: to help readers to see more clearly, love more dearly and follow more nearly the way of Jesus Christ.