Rector’s Letter

Dear Friends,

Once more we enter a period of lockdown with restriction to our lives. Once more we are unable to meet together for Sunday worship and to share the sacraments. However, worship at our churches does not cease altogether. Firstly, our buildings are open for private prayer and reflection, as well as for funerals. If you are able and wish to take time out within St Mary, St John’s, St Gregory’s or Burrill Church please do so observing the ’rules’ about  hand and pew sanitisation.  Secondly, services will continue at the advertised times and are accessible through Facebook and by conference call. Morning and Evening prayer are also said Monday through to Saturday at 8.30am and 4.00pm by conference call. If you wish to listen to friendly voices reading scripture and praying you are only a phone call away.

Finally, if you are feeling too isolated and alone, remember there are plenty of people who feel the same and it is in your power to ease their loneliness and your own simply by picking up the phone and calling me or anyone else in your phone book.

Stay strong in Christ, stay active in prayer and together in community.


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